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05 April 2021

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Global Digital Health  


The world of digital health comes together each year discussing serious problems on a global scale. This includes strategic plans for pandemics and digital health needs during COVID-19 and beyond. 

Through excellent panelists from WHO, UNICEF, DIMAGI, DIGITAL SQUARE, MINISTERS of HEALTH, and many more we see that their is one single goal which is to improve services, by providing the best digital health solutions to users. 

We are innovators and product designers are here to listen to those needs, and help innovate, design, and develop these much needed digital health solution for the greater good.

Why Choose Us


Users can just download the COVAM mobile app and we do the rest.

HR Departments

We assist the HR Departments. You don't have to worry about completing COVID-19 Self Isolation and Quarantine reports. Our solution got you covered.

Healthcare Departments

Registered healthcare departments can contribute assistance to infected citizens and assist with remote medical care.

Government Departments

We assist government departments and countries with a Corona Vaccination Management (COVAM) system with all relevant data and analytics.

What makes our App different?

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No pen and paper. We offer a contact less solution. SARS - CoV - 2 can spread through contact with an object or surfaces. 

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Our digital solution is developed around the fundamentals of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of public health contact tracing certification. This means we follow the WHO guidelines associated with the behavioral patterns of the actual SARS - CoV - 2. As this virus evolve we continuously integrate scientific and public health knowledge into our digital health solution. 

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We offer the self screening in four languages. English, Xhosa, Zulu, and Afrikaans. More languages are to follow.

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We take into account the presence of one or more additional medical condition co - occurring or co - existing with a primary condition. In the context of COVID -19 it refers to existing chronic diseases that could put people at a higher risk of developing complications if they are infected with the SARS - CoV - 2. 

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Through our COVID - 19 self screening we provide citizens with a method that allow them to perform a high level health assessment. 



Depending on the severity of the signs and symptoms, and in what risk level the user is, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enabled software will give the user a final test result. Should the patient be clear from any signs or symptoms of the COVID -19 they will receive an "IM OKAY" result.



Depending on the severity of the signs and symptoms, and in what risk level the user is, our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enabled software will give the user a final test result. Should the patient display any alarming signs or symptoms of the COVID - 19 they will receive an instruction to either Self Isolate, Self Quarantine, or Seek Urgent Medical Care. 

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Depending on your COVID -19 Self Screening test result, a citizen can safely check - in at a venue showing no signs or symptoms of the COVID - 19. Entry will be denied if a citizen is displaying signs or symptoms of the virus.

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The Safe Entry Management check - in service is for staff and customers for any business, workplace, venue, store or place of gathering. The service fee is only applicable to the staff of the workplace, and not for the client or visitor entering.

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We offer a Sub Location Safe Entry Management check - in service for a business with multiple sites, offices or venues. 

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Our added value service includes the Pow Wow Resource dashboard for a client such as a business manager, HR, RISK, SHE Departments to manage all Safe Entry Management check - in's. This will indicate check - in's of staff and customers. Furthermore, for staff members we offer COVID - 19 positive case protocols, and processes that will assist the well being of an employee's recovery progress during self isolation and quarantine. 

Our Services Include

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Data and User Security

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