Disease control is important to understand. COVID-19 Contact Tracing online training through Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of public health assisted us through its certification. 

Pow Wow Chat (PTY) Ltd and the Founder Kent Perils made it their priority to understand the fundamentals before developing digital innovation and solutions to assist with preventing the spread of the SARS - CoV - 2.

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The WHO, in an effort to support the coordination and scale of effective digital health implementations, has established the COVID - 19 Initiative with the Digital Health Atlas. The DHA is a WHO global technology registry platform aiming to strengthen the value and impact of digital health investments, improve coordination, and facilitate institutionalization and scale. 

Health Science

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Molecular Biology (PhD) I Health Economics (MPH)

University of Stellenbosch

As an infectious disease researcher and academic I have over 10 years experience working with multi-disciplinary, international and local academic environment. Through a strong collaborative network with teams from South Africa, USA, Nigeria, Norway and Germany on a variety health related research questions. In my opinion COVID -19 will be around for the foreseeable future. Similar to the HIV virus, we would need to adapt our behavior by self care as an individual. 

I notice many citizens are becoming more relaxed about wearing a mask, washing hands, and practicing social distancing which is a great risk for a 2nd or even 3rd wave. It is hereby where I am a great supporter of the Pow Wow Chat - Safe Entry Management mobile app. It functions with the correct processes and procedures that is relevant to the

actual COVID-19 virus, to reduce and to stop the spread of the virus at the workplace or any other venue. 


Kent Perils

Telecommunications (ICT)

Dental Equipment Engineer (Dentsply Sirona Germany)

Senior UX Designer / Digital Solutions Architect and Lead Product Designer 

COVID - 19 Contact Tracer - John Hopkins Bloomberg Public School of Health

Telkom SA I Dentsply Sirona Germany I PE Technikon I JHB Public School of Health 

Kent is the founder and CEO of Pow Wow Chat (PTY) Ltd. Through several years of experience within the ICT sector and digital product innovation designs Kent has dedicated his focus on digital health solutions and telemedicine. We have seen through the COVID - 19 pandemic how the need for telemedicine has rapidly increased.


Self Isolations and Self Quarantine patients are unable to receive physical medical treatment and self medication will see an increase within the next 2 years. According to the GDHF (Global Digital Health Forum) and WHO, it is anticipated that more digital health solutions are needed. 


Pow Wow Chat as a innovations and technology company in alliance with its medical professional partners are filling this gap. We are here to assist Africa and the global marketplace within this health sector.