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We assist companies (HR / Risk / SHE Departments), government departments and, healthcare departments.

HR / RISK / SHE Departments - Companies
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We offer a robust COVID - 19 vaccine management system.  This not a normal register to see who has received the vaccine. Our data and analytics provide in-depth processes that monitors the risk associated with a particular vaccine.

We provide you with a complete COVID - 19 case management solution. This will help you manage all staff self isolation and quarantine cases. 

This includes progress updates of the infected staff member, to know how the recovery is going.

HR Departments or RISK / SHE Departments can sit back and allow our digital system do the work for you.

We offer a Self Help medication service alongside our Telemedicine and E - Dispensary digital service.

This works in conjunction with our management system. 

Healthcare Departments
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Through using our COVAM Hospital Assist platform, healthcare departments can manage patients for Tele-Medicine and Remote Medical Care.

The COVAM platform assist healthcare departments to manage all digital distribution of COVID - 19 Medication Treatments.

In addition to this we also provide real time statistics and analytics. 

The COVAM platform enable healthcare departments to assist with quality of life of patients and their families facing problems associated with life threatening illness.

Through our Digital Doctor (Telemedicine) service we provide remote healthcare.

Government Departments
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COVAM offers a GOV Management system that assist with the digital supply chain management process, between multiple hospitals, departments and patients.

COVAM offers a GOV Management system that assist with the digital supply chain management process of the COVID - 19 vaccine.

Autonomous / semi - autonomous examination or data or content using AI and ML tools to discover deep insights, making predictions and make recommendations. 

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